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\li-me-'na-le-te\ noun: The condition of being on a threshold or at the beginning of a process.

For philanthropy to be personally satisfying, it has to be tailored to each individual. Liminality Partners is a philanthropic advising firm focused on working with family foundations, families and individuals of means who seek to give with joy and create a greater impact with their philanthropy.

As our name suggests, the families and individuals we serve are often at a threshold – a jumping off point for something new – whether it is at the beginning their philanthropic journey or they’re pursuing something more.

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We meet our clients wherever they are on their journeys, creating the best path for them and their families.

Our work looks different for each family or individual for whom we work. We collaborate with our clients to craft and implement their philanthropic strategy then work through operational challenges that make it more challenging to achieve the impact they desire.

We are with you on the journey…