Our name, Liminality Partners, gets at the heart of how we work. Liminality means the condition of being on a threshold or at the beginning of a process. Many of our clients are at such a moment – perhaps beginning their philanthropic journey altogether striving or tightening their focus to create greater impact. We work earnestly to be their partners for all this.

Most of our clients already have a team of advisors working with them. We understand the important roles different advisors play in our clients’ lives and integrate into this web of advisors.

We appreciate that philanthropy plays distinct roles for each family and for the individuals within a family. Our work looks different for each family and individual with whom we work. Some projects are large, others small; some clients are wealth creators, others are inheritors; some client work takes months, some work spans many years. There is no one right path to creating greater impact and we meet our clients wherever they are on their journey.

Our Services

Help individuals identify their passion and joy

  • Coach philanthropists on a wide range of issues they are considering
  • Provide tailored resources (i.e. articles, tools) to help a philanthropist get “unstuck”
  • Curate introductions to other philanthropists and facilitate peer learning

Govern the family’s foundation

  • Provide advice and counsel to help set up and manage family foundations
  • Identify family dynamics and offer advice to reduce conflicts
  • Work through generational transitions
  • Help define roles that align with each family member’s interest and stage in life
  • Plan and facilitate foundation meetings
  • Align grantmaking and endowment with family values

Articulate why they give

  • Define family values and philosophy
  • Draft philanthropic mission statement
  • Develop a clear strategy
  • Implement tools to help them give with greater impact

Remove the operational challenges that make it hard to give effectively

  • Help you understand the nonprofit and giving landscape
  • Identify and vet nonprofits that align with a donor’s values
  • Perform the appropriate due diligence
  • Build processes to support operations
  • Create staffing strategies
  • Train foundation staff members on business concepts